Software For Kundli Making

by astrowriter4 14. April 2011 21:34
Software for kundli making is a recent advancement when compared to the long life of Vedic astrology. This form of astrology has been around for over a millennium. It has been tested over and over again through generations of Vedic astrologers as well as generations of people who encouraged the astrologers to get better and find new horizons where they could use this predictive form of astrology. ... [More]

Find Out All About Your Luck In Astrology

by astrowriter4 9. April 2011 18:27
Luck is the chance happening of fortunate or adverse events in life. When we get something we have wished for, we feel lucky. However, with our limited sense of understanding, we may not have any idea how an event may play out in our life. Something we believe is an unlucky even may even be the best thing that have happened to our life. We may know that only after it all plays out and we look back... [More]

Horoscope Based On Birth Date And Time

by astrowriter4 6. April 2011 12:45
Once upon a time, in early India, the Rishis used their powers to decode life events. One of the ways by which they found out more about an individual’s life was to look deep into the celestial world to find answers for the conditions on Earth and maybe other worlds too. These Rishis were learned and wise people, women and men, and they deciphered the logic of life itself. They had the amazi... [More]

Birth Chart Horoscope Planning Is Very Important In Life

by astrowriter4 4. April 2011 06:48
Birth Chart Horoscope planning is one of the most important steps to prepare us to live a good, happy and prosperous life. Every parent wishes only the best for their children. The most important thing that any parent can do for a child is to give them a map of their life. As individuals, we have to let go of our parent’s hands and move away to create a life of our own. At that time, life ca... [More]

Horoscopes Chart Are Currently Created By Software

by astrowriter4 26. March 2011 12:48
Horoscopes are pieces of information that pertain to your future. These predictions are created by following an ancient method that was coined by ancient Rishis who were the forefathers and foremothers of Vedic Astrology and the beautiful religion of Hinduism where every human being is equal. Later, although divisions in Hinduism started to erode the fabric of this wonderful concept of Brahman and... [More]

The uses of Shri Yantra Pendant

by Hindu Astrology 2. March 2011 08:00
"Shri" means health and "Yantra" – means "tool" or “instrument”. Thus Shri Yantra is an instrument for health. This instrument brings not only physical health and sense of physical satisfaction. But also something much more valuable - it is spiritual poise and serenity. Because the peace of mind is the key to health and happiness. Shri Yantra Pendant has the power to deal with al... [More]

Importance of shree yantra crystal in life

by Hindu Astrology 19. February 2011 08:29
Shree yantra is very powerful among yantra’s which gives many types of benefits to all who keep it with them. It mainly gives inner strength and fulfills desires. The meaning of shree yantra is instrument gives wealth. Here wealth means both spiritual and material which a person requires. Shree yantra crystal is one variety of shree yantra. It is crafted from natural rock crystal which gives... [More]

Love Or Arranged Marriage Prediction Is Calculated By Looking At The Birth Chart

by astrowriter4 16. February 2011 09:29
Most people, even when they are very young, think of what kind of partner they will have when they are married. Most people when they see others of the opposite gender will wonder who will be their partner for life. Questions like “When will I get married?” or “Will my husband or wife love me?” or “will I marry a foreigner?” etc. In fact, no one can tell you abo... [More]

The Significance Of Gun Matching For Marriage purposes

by astrowriter4 8. February 2011 12:05
One of the most important duties of a Vedic astrologer is to find the best match for a person who is ready for marriage. Since most of us cannot predict how happy the couple will be all their life, most people request the help of an expert Vedic astrologer who will perform the gun matching for marriage purposes. The families usually hire the smartest astrologers at this time because it is crucial ... [More]

Yantra Durga for Achieving Needs

by Hindu Astrology 5. February 2011 18:38
Yantra Durga is a charm that will bring luck to you especially in your business. Yantra Durga is of shri Durga Ambe Maa. This charm is carved in gold, silver or copper, and this is being exalted by Beej Mantra and brings good results. Yantra Durga is a powerful yantra for achieving your wants, to eradicate obstacles and to overcome the enemies; these are the special effects of yantra. This yantra ... [More]