Horoscopes of Taurus

by astrowriter4 10. April 2011 06:34
Horoscopes of Taurus indicate that they are fun loving people who enjoy the beautiful things in life. They are very comfortable taking care of others and the one problem they have in life is that they do not take time to care for themselves. Although the symbol for Taurus is the bull, it just stands for their dedication and bullish determination to help others and to make the world a beautiful pla... [More]

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Some Similarities Between Indian Astrology signs and Western Astrology Signs

by astrowriter4 9. March 2011 15:26
Indian astrology signs have different names from those of the western counterparts. The animals that correspond to the signs also may be different. The sign Aries in the Indian astrology is called Mesha and the symbol for this sign is Ram while the sign Taurus is called Vrishabha and the symbol for Vrishabha is the Bull. Similarly Gemini is called Mithuna in Indian astrology and its symbol is a &l... [More]

The Importance Of Your Sign Of Horoscope

by astrowriter4 7. February 2011 11:46
Vedic astrology follows the phase of the Moon (or Rashi) when predicting the future of an individual. However, western astrology follows the phase of the Sun for each of sign of horoscope that the predictions are prepared for.  The Moon sign or Sun signs vary for each individual according to the birth chart which is made with utmost care when a child is born. Every human being in the billions... [More]

The Monthly Zodiac Signs For Horoscope

by astrowriter4 4. February 2011 12:27
Many of us have wished to have a crystal ball that would predict our future. However, Vedic astrology comes close to this form of divination. As many Indians are aware, the method by which Vedic astrologers find the horoscopes of people with nothing but two pieces of information is almost miraculous. Ancient Vedic Rishis were the ones who passed this amazing information to the generations who cher... [More]

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The Dates For Zodiac Signs

by astrowriter4 2. February 2011 16:23
Vedic Astrology is an ancient technique of predictive forecasting that was summarized more than a millennium ago in a comprehensive treatise called the Bhrigu Samhita. Along with the theories of predictive astrology, Maharishi Bhrigu and his students collected many horoscopes and did research on them to ascertain that the predictions came true. The Sun is considered the most powerful of all and it... [More]

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