Horoscope match for marriage

by astrowriter4 1. July 2011 12:59
Marriage is the fascinating and entertaining union of two people in love. Sometimes they decide it for themselves and at other times, it is the family who decides it for them. Arranged marriages are usually conducted by the family who insists on horoscope match for marriage. This match indicates that the future bride and bridegroom are well suited and will be able to live happily ever after. Howev... [More]

Software For Kundli Making

by astrowriter4 14. April 2011 21:34
Software for kundli making is a recent advancement when compared to the long life of Vedic astrology. This form of astrology has been around for over a millennium. It has been tested over and over again through generations of Vedic astrologers as well as generations of people who encouraged the astrologers to get better and find new horizons where they could use this predictive form of astrology. ... [More]

Find Out All About Your Luck In Astrology

by astrowriter4 9. April 2011 18:27
Luck is the chance happening of fortunate or adverse events in life. When we get something we have wished for, we feel lucky. However, with our limited sense of understanding, we may not have any idea how an event may play out in our life. Something we believe is an unlucky even may even be the best thing that have happened to our life. We may know that only after it all plays out and we look back... [More]

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The Lal Kitab Horoscope Software Is Easily Available At This Site

by astrowriter4 5. April 2011 12:18
The Lal Kitab is a four hundred year old book, the author of which is not known. Although Lal means “the color red”, the book itself is not red in color. However, the book is believed to be very important and hence considered “red-hot” or significant for Astrology. It is written as poetic verses in the ancient language of Urdu. The Lal Kitab horoscope software called Lal Ki... [More]

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What is Three Mukhi Rudraksha?

by Hindu Astrology 2. March 2011 20:00
Rudraksha tree grows in India and country around. Its dried fruits can be used as a remedy of a lot of physical and mental diseases. As you guess, there is a mythology that stays behind the remedy power of these fruits. According to the legend, there was a demon called Tripura that terrorized the three worlds and the devas. Everyone was afraid and despaired by the evil. To stop the evils of the de... [More]

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All about do mukhi rudraksha

by Hindu Astrology 20. February 2011 08:00
Rudraksha is very famous nowadays as it is very much useful for solving problems according to astrology. There are many types of rudrakshas available and each has its advantages. It can be classified according to faces or mukhas in it. Do mukhi rudraksha is most commonly used by people all over the world for many reasons. It is the main symbol of sun and moon. Proper siddhi (purification and charg... [More]

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Rudraksha Significance Begins With The Blessings Of Lord Shiva

by astrowriter4 14. February 2011 10:30
The name “Rudraksha” means “eye of the Lord Rudra” who is Lord Shiva. Rudra in Sanskrit means “Roarer” or the “Fierce one”. From Lord Shiva is referred to as “mighty Rudra, the God with braided hair”. Although Rudra was believed to cause disease when He was angry, He is also known to remove disease, keep illnesses away from entire village... [More]

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6 Mukhi Rudraksha for better concentration

by Hindu Astrology 4. February 2011 06:14
6 Mukhi Rudraksha is associated to six Darshan. Whoever wears this Rudraksha after proper Sidhi (method of purification and charging with mantra) will have the darshan of six deva in his body. This Rudraksha grant the knowledge of soul to those who wears it. Whoever wears this rudraksha will have a peaceful mind. He/she is away from annoyance, jealousy and excitation is in control in the body of t... [More]

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