Making a horoscope

by astrowriter4 24. June 2011 06:56
Making a horoscope is getting easier every day. In the past,  if we wanted to get a horoscope created, we had to travel to the house of a well-known (and busy) astrologer that we can trust, sit down and give her the details of the birth such as time of birth, date of birth and the actual location of the birth. Then, we have to go home and wait  for a month or two while the astrologer use... [More]

This Is The Age Of Software of Kundli Charts And Predictions

by astrowriter4 23. March 2011 07:22
Vedic astrology is an ancient science that was passed along from the earlier Vedic times of the Rishis and ancient sages. Vedic astrologers used hand drawn charts, hand written manuscripts and information tables along with their database. In those days, it used to take many days and sometimes months to create a birth chart of kundli. It wasn’t very long before the smart Indian Vedic astrolog... [More]

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Use Horoscope Reading Software To Know Your Future

by astrowriter4 11. March 2011 09:55
Vedic astrology software or horoscope reading software is all over the internet. Some of the sites offer free and instant horoscopes. Some of them seem to be quite accurate. However, others are just baits to get the information of surfers and people curious about these free software birth charts or janma kundali. The astrology programs that deal with horoscopes may be of different types, such as p... [More]

Janam Kundali Match Making Helps Make Good Marraiges

by astrowriter4 10. March 2011 07:04
Many people believe that a marriage is a match made in heaven. Two people who come from different families and sometimes even different continents find themselves in love and get married. However, there are others who, for some reason do not find the love that they are looking for. In India, parents are there to help the youngsters find their mates. However, since there is time to think ahead and ... [More]

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The Birth Chart South Indian Style

by astrowriter4 14. February 2011 10:20
Vedic astrology has been used for over a millennium for predicting the future of various individuals, groups, countries and even buildings. The predictions depend on the exact time and location of an individual’s or country’s birth or creation. Many astrologers have precisely predicted the events of a country like America since its time or inception and certainly the location where it ... [More]

The Importance Of Your Sign Of Horoscope

by astrowriter4 7. February 2011 11:46
Vedic astrology follows the phase of the Moon (or Rashi) when predicting the future of an individual. However, western astrology follows the phase of the Sun for each of sign of horoscope that the predictions are prepared for.  The Moon sign or Sun signs vary for each individual according to the birth chart which is made with utmost care when a child is born. Every human being in the billions... [More]

The Convenience Of Monthly Indian Horoscopes

by astrowriter4 4. February 2011 12:19
Horoscopes are an integral part of life in India. Almost all newspapers, magazines and other publications distribute daily horoscopes, some of which are very detailed. There are magazines that are entirely devoted to Astrology. For most people the day starts with a puja in their homes with chanting of mantras and yoga poses such as Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation). One of the daily habits of most I... [More]

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