The Best Indian Astrology Experts Can Find Out Our Characteristics From Horoscope

by astrowriter4 26. February 2011 11:38
Indian astrology is a specialized field that has been derived from ancient manuscripts called puranas which were created by wise people called Rishis a millennium ago. These puranas were mainly in the form of poetry so that people did not forget the rules and regulations that pertain to the accuracy of astrological predictions. However, many hand written manuscripts also were found in various citi... [More]

The Meru Shree Yantra Was Designed By Adi Guru Dattatreya For The Benefit Of The World

by astrowriter4 14. February 2011 10:12
Yantras are highly efficient religious diagrams that are very beneficial for an individual’s life. Some of these Yantras are specified as a remedy for one or more problems that are affecting people. Yantras may be prescribed by Vedic Astrologers or religious Gurus to help heal people from various physical health issues, job dilemmas, mental trauma, accidents, family problems, etc. The Meru S... [More]

The Advantages Of Vastu Dosha Nivaran

by astrowriter4 13. February 2011 10:38
Vastu Shastra or the science of architecture is one of the major considerations for Hindus when building houses, office buildings or temples for worship. The basis or groundwork of Vastu was detailed in the Puranas or scriptures by the sage Mamuni Mayan. Another similar treatise, the Shilpa Shastra is concerned with the spiritual rules of creating sculptures, statues, icons, etc. Both these shastr... [More]

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2011 Astrolgy Predictions

by astrowriter4 12. February 2011 09:58
Vedic astrologers are experts at predicting our future.  Many of them are experts in the Vedas and Puranas and can easily prescribe auspicious mantras that will get rid of any of our troubles such as ill health, loss of job or business, worries, accidents, loss of concentration, depression and many other malefic effects of planets or Lunar nodes in transition. Every year, these astrologers ma... [More]

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