Hindu Marriage Muhurat 2014 (Lagna Muhurat) - Hindu Marriage Dates in 2014 - Shubh Vivah Muhurat 2014

According to astrology, while determining the auspicious marriage ascendant it is important to take care of certain things. During the time when Guru, Venus get combust , Lunar or Solar eclipse, Shraadh, Bhishm panchak, etc are not the suitable times for getting married. Determine the best auspicious date for the wedding that will keep the bride and groom happy.

In order to know the auspicious date of marriage we use the moon sign of the bride and the groom. It is absolutely necessary to take into account various factors before choosing the most appropriate wedding date, then only remains the auspiciousness in the marriage, like the Chandra Nakshatra in which the birth of the bride or groom has taken place then the characters that appear in that Nakshatra are also used to determine the marriage date. The date of marriage is always decided once the qualities in the bride and the grooms horoscope have been matched because once the marriage date is fixed, the matching process should not be done.

According to the following table, the date that is the same in both the bride and the grooms horoscope can be taken as the auspicious day for marriage. After matching the horoscope of the bride and the groom, the dates that are similar in the horoscope of both are considered to be good and acceptable for their marriage. For example if a groom of virgo sign marries a bride of Gemini sign so the dates that are same for both on that day the marriage would be good.

To determine the Vivah Muhurat Trishul shuddhi, Sun, moon purification and the auspicious Guru is taken care of. If it is Surya or Guru on sign or friendly sign then it is considered to be good and acceptable. At the time of marriage you should worship and donate towards the inauspicious planets and by doing so auspiciousness in marriage continues and leads to mangalay. In these Vivah Muhurat all the dosha are calculated. The muhurat in which the position of Jupiter is in the central, triangle or auspicious aspect of Jupiter reduces all the dosha and due to which these Muhurat are included in the Vivah Muhurat.

Time period prohibited to marry in 2014

Guru astodaya

In year 2014, from 11 July till 4 August, sun will set in the west, after that from 5 August the sun will rise from the East.

Guru Vardhakya and Balatwa

In the year 2014, in between 8 July to 10 July Jupiter will be in Vardhakya dosha, the meaning of Vardhakya is the situation before the setting of Jupiter that is not considered to be so good.

In between 6 August and 8 August Guru will be in Balyavastha. This is the situation just after the rise of Jupiter which is not considered to be auspicious in terms of marriage.

Shukra Astodaya

In between 2 October till 26 November Venus will set and on 27 November will rise in the west. Venus is the planet factor of marriage that is why marriages are not conducted during the time of its demise.

Shukra Vardhakya and Balatwa

In between 29 October to 1 November Venus will Vardhakya. The meaning of Vardhakya is the situation before the setting of Venus which is not considered to be auspicious.

In the year 2014, From 28 November to 30 November Venus will be in Balya vastha and this condition will not be considered auspicious for marriage.

Shraadh paksh

In the year 2014, shraadh will remain from 8 September to 23 September and during this time marriage are prohibited from being performed.


In the year 2014, at night on 8 October, Wednesday in Revati Nakshatra in India there will be grastodaya khagras Lunar eclipse, in which it is forbidden to marry.

Bhisham Panchak

In 2014 From 2 November to 6 November will remain Bhishma Panchak in which marriages are prohibited.

Paush Maah

Paush Maah will remain from 16 December 2014 to 13 January 2015 and during this month Sun will be in Sagittarius sign, that is why during this month marriages are prohibited.

Chatur Maas ka Vichaar

In many parts of North India it is considered to be forbidden to marry in the month of chaturmasyadi. From the Shukla Ekadashi of Aashaadh month till the month of Kartik Purnima marriages are not conducted.

The above time periods in the year 2014 is considered to be prohibited for an auspicious marriage but other than this in the year 2014 whatever shubh vivah muhurat have been talked about their months are given in the following tables. Click on the links below and you will get the auspicious marriage dates during the month.

Timing the marriage for best results as per vedic astrology

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