Matching Guna - Cancellation of Dosha

In Vedic astrology, emphasis has been given on matching kundalis before marriage. Kundalis are matched in order to analyze the compatibility that two people would have throughout their married life. In the modern times, Kundalis are matched so as to know if the other person would be preferable for you or not. Matching kundalis of two people tells us about the married life, compatibility and happiness throughout their married life.

Most of the people have only one point of view toward matching kundalis. According to them, two people have a greater compatibility if most of their Guna match. But, this is not true. Sometimes, two people have problems in their married life even when all the 36 Guna match with each other. This is because sometimes people do not get their Janma kundalis matched. First of all, one should analyze if a person would be happy in his married life according to his Janma kundali. Only then should he proceed.

People just match Guna and check if the other person is Manglik or not. People usually reach a conclusion after doing all this. If we analyze the kundalis properly, there is a possibility to cancel out many Milan and Mangalik doshas. But nobody wants to waste so much time these days. Let us give you some information about the cancellation of different doshas.

Doshas numbered 1 to 4 are not usually cancelled. Cancellation starts from Gana Milan.

Cancellation of Gana Dosha

With the presence of Gana dosha in a kundali, you should first understand the following points :

  • Gana dosha is cancelled due to the friendship of Lords of Moon signs and due to the difference between Navanshpati of Lords of Moon signs
  • Gana dosha is also cancelled due to the friendship of planets and due to the difference between Nadis of the bride and groom
  • No dosha is considered in a kundali in the absence of Tara, Vashya, Yoni, Grahamaitri and Bhakut doshas

Cancellation of Bhakut Dosha

Bhakut Milan comprises of three types of Doshas. These are Shadashtak, Nav Pancham and Dwi-Dwardasha doshas.

Cancellation of Shadashtak dosha

  • Friendly Shadashtak occurs if the signs of groom-bride are Aries-Scorpio, Taurus-Libra, Gemini-Capricorn, Cancer-Sagittarius, Leo-Pisces or Virgo-Aquarius. It also occurs if the Lords of these signs are friendly to each other. Shadashtak of friendly signs is considered to be auspicious
  • Shadashtak should be cancelled if it is not friendly and the Lords of the signs are enemies to each other
  • Signs which are enemies to each other and result in an inauspicious Shadashtak are Aries-Virgo, Taurus-Sagittarius, Gemini-Scorpio, Cancer-Aquarius, Leo-Capricorn and Libra-Pisces
  • Shadashtak dosha is cancelled if the sign is pure. The same happens if the signs are friendly to each other. Shadashtak dosha is also cancelled if the bride and the groom have the same sign and the Lords of the sigs are the same

Cancellation of Nav Pancham dosha

Cancellation of Nav Pancham dosha has been talked about in shastras. Nav Pancham dosha is formed when the signs of the bride and groom are 5/9 axis from each other.

  • Nav Pancham is considered to be auspicious if the groom signs is fifth from the bride’s sign and the bride’s sign is ninth from the groom’s sign
  • Nav Pancham dosha should be cancelled with a combination of either Pisces-Cancer, Scorpio-Cancer, Gemini-Aquarius or Virgo-Capricorn
  • Nav Pancham dosha is cancelled if the signs or navanshpati of the bride and groom are friendly to each other

Cancellation of Dwi-Dwardasha dosha

  • A bride may incur monetary losses if the bride’s sign is second from the groom’s sign. She helps in gaining wealth if her sign is twelfth from the groom’s sign
  • This dosha is cancelled if the Lords of signs of the bride and groom are friendly to each other
  • According to scholars, with the presence of Leo and Virgo’s Dwi-Dwardasha, this dosha is cancelled

Cancellation of Nadi dosha

Nadi dosha is cancelled in a lot of different ways :

  • This dosha is cancelled if both bride and groom have the same sign but different Janma nakshatra
  • It is also cancelled if both have the same Janma nakshatra but different signs
  • Nadi dosha is also cancelled if both have the same Janma nakshatra but different Charan
  • According to shastras, doshas are categorized on the basis of castes, i.e,  Nadi dosha  for Brahamana, Varna dosha for Kshatriya, Gana dosha for Vaishya and Yoni dosha for Shudra.
  • According to Chintamani astrology, Nadi dosha is cancelled in the presence of Rohini, Mrigshira, Ardra, Jyeshtha, Kritika, Pushya, Shravan, Rewati and Uttarabhadrapad nakshatras

How are horoscopes matched in Vedic Jyotish Kundali matching

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  • manveer on 06 July, 2012 11:50:33 AM
    hi I please need your help please, I'm a boy name manveer, born on 15 July 1989 at 4:30am at nakodhar Punjab india and the girls name is Harpinder, was born on 13 April 1991 , 2:00pm at Moga,Punjab , India . sir we are told that the girl has manglik and nadi dosha ,do to that I should not marry her, but I known her for 3 years and I was sure I was going to marry her , I can betray her I just can't, I really really need your help I'f these dosha can be cancelled or I'f there is Amy effective remedies for them and also what health problems can occur, plz plz help me plz I m very desperate in need of your helf plz
  • SUNIL on 07 September, 2012 17:51:32 PM
    my date of birth in 16/11/1986 morning 10 AM
    girls birth in 16/8/1988 00:30 Am
    plzzz solved my problem, plzz check my gun milan
  • rama on 29 October, 2012 15:08:38 PM
    my daughter dob is30/11/1987 afternoon2:51pm.boy,s30/7/1983 check that they should marry or not.
  • Chaturvedi on 26 December, 2012 21:09:53 PM
    We have matched the Guna and understand only 11 Guna is matching between Boy and Girl . Also understand that both are manglik. We are interested in making this match , successful as both are very good . please advise , if there is any suggestion to improve the match
  • Anil Kumar Verma on 29 December, 2012 22:13:36 PM
    my son dob is 26/10/1983, 2:30 pm, place of birth Rourkela(Odisha) , the girl dob 28/09/1989, 3:45 pm,Patna(Bihar),please check they should marry or not.
  • preeti on 22 January, 2013 20:06:27 PM
    my husband DOB is 20-12-73 time 6:30 place latur, mine is 20-12-76 time 23:57 place bhopal. pls send me remedy for graha maitri.
  • logini on 01 February, 2013 19:49:32 PM
    born on 4th september 1985-----4.9.1985
    7:35 pm ...soe astrologers say no marrige or difficult marriage life.plz verify with it.
  • Rishi Pandit on 13 February, 2013 21:22:16 PM
    I am confused in point 3 (Nadi dosha is also cancelled if both have the same Janma nakshatra but different Charan)of naadi dosh cancellation.

    Here if girl and boy both have same raashi, same nakshatra but different charan then naadi dosh is cancelled or not ???
  • harpal Singh on 23 February, 2013 10:43:22 AM
    Guru ji namaskar

    My son named : gaurav
    His DOB : 06-06-1988
    Time of burth: 0530 AM
    Place of burth : sadabad (up)

    married on 04-12-2012 to

    wife named :rachana
    DOB : 12-07-1988
    Time of burth : 0710 AM
    Place of burth : Aligarh (up)

    now my son is ill since july please tell us about dosas & their remedies. I
    asked to so many pandit ji but views are diffrrerent. we are so much worried and have lost so much money on treatment but no relief till date.
    Thank you Guriji.

  • SATYAM on 01 March, 2013 08:22:22 AM


    BOY DOB - 08-03-1986
    TIME- 09:22PM

    GIRL DOB- 08-08-1986
    TIME- 08:00PM

    • Deepika on 23 March, 2013 18:46:48 PM
      pandit ji I want to match the kundli of my brother to a girl with whom he wants to marry. According to the kundli there are many dosh in their match making. But after that he wants to marry that girl. i want to know that is there any pooja or any other thing we can do by which their dosh has no effect on their married life. I am giving u a detailed information of boy and girl. Boy's name- harish Date of birth- 7 aug 1983 place - panipat time - 9:24 am Girl's name - chanchal date of birth - 18 january 1986 place - bulandshahar time 3:30 am
  • aashi on 26 March, 2013 21:51:16 PM
    Hi my specifics are
    aastha 11 april 1986. 9.31 pm , jalandhar
    boys apecific
    akshay 10 sept 1988. 1.45 am... Dhar(mp)

    We see bhakut n gan dosha in r charts. How ever we r told that since his moon sign is leo n mine is aries. So sun n mars are friends n dosha get cancelled. Kindly chek. N tell remedy if needed
  • Khushi on 12 June, 2013 07:35:01 AM
    want to know about leo & cancer(12-2 bhakoot dosha)
  • vaibhav parab on 07 July, 2013 16:43:38 PM
    I Request you to kindly help. I and the girl I love want to marry, we are in love relationship since last 6-7 years.
    when our kundli's were matched mrutyu yog is coming.
    please please please help me.
    Please send me :
    Details for reference :
    Name: Aditi Dattatray Sapute
    DOB: 21-03-1987
    Time: 11.50 pm
    Birth Place: Dombivli (Maharashtra)

    Name: Vaibhav Mohan Parab.
    DOB: 31-08-1986
    Time: 9.15 am
    Place: Dombivli (Maharashtra)

    Please help me with the remedies to over come this id are below

    Request your early response.


    Vaibhav M.Parab.
  • Vishal Panchal on 13 July, 2013 15:13:47 PM

    We are in relation since last 3.5 years and at this moment when we were deciding to approach parents to make us together..... We came to know that our post marriage life will not be smooth and harmonious at all having no understanding and attachment even.

    My Girl is so worried ever since she got to know all this.... Since we so attached to each other we do not want to get separated ever.. I request you to please let me know :

    * should we go for this marriage as despite being so much in love with her, i don't want to risk her future for sake of my happiness.

    * is it true that we won't have any love, understanding and trust among us post marriage ?

    * can all these be rectified by any way. If yes, then please let me know ways to rectify.

    * moreover, i am told that i will have multiple extra marital affairs.. Is it true? Also let me know the ways to not let this happen please.

    I shall be very grateful to you if you could manage to take me out of this problem which has put our future at stake.

    Kindly mail me at ""
  • vishal kanwar on 04 August, 2013 18:40:27 PM



    BOY DOB - 21-12-1985
    TIME- 05:30 AM

    GIRL DOB- 24-11-1986
    TIME- 12:50 PM

  • MIshi on 05 August, 2013 02:26:30 AM
    i seek your help in geeting married to the only love of my life. we have nadi dosh and parents are agreeing for marriage...
    DOB mine: April 3 1988
    DOB boy:MArch 27 1988
    Sir, i have lost faith in god....he made me fall in love, i was alwaz ready for a arrange marriage and now that god gave me this , hoe can he just take him away....can god really feel the pain of a normal human being, given the fact that no god has lead human life(lord rama apart for 14 yr of vanwas was a king akk his life) and the trishakti brhama, vishnu mahesh are sitting somwhere and enjoying...they have changed me ,all i want is a verrryyy long happy ,healthy married life with this guy, have family with him and be with him tillwe turn 80 together, all healthy and lovely...
    Pleae help
  • arti on 24 August, 2013 23:23:09 PM
    respected sir,my date of birth is 8-11-1965 time 6:30 am and my husband's date of birth is 10-05-1963 time 9:40 am please tell me why prosperity is not coming and what is remedy.thank you
  • Pardeep on 26 August, 2013 14:19:10 PM
    we want to marry but we are told nadi and bakuth dosh. Pls check and suggest remedies.
    DOB-6-sep-86, 7:15am, zira, ferozpur, punjab
    DOB-4-may-89, 11.04am, delhi
  • basavaraj on 08 September, 2013 14:32:42 PM
    respected sir,
    i am Basavaraj and i m loving girl named ranjitha and i want to marry her so please suggest us for our marriage related issues. please please help us and give solution for our next marriage life. Boy name-basavaraj, DOB-04-feb-1989 time:4am place:Aminagad tq:hunagund state:karnataka girl name- ranjitha DOB-10-Aug-1994 time:09.30am Place-madikeri state-karnataka
  • neha k on 11 September, 2013 08:04:52 AM
    I m neha born on 1.9.1988 at 2.40am in mumbai....I love a boy...hes born on 7.7.1990 at 7.20pm in Mumbai...v hav been in love for 4 and half yrs and our families agreed y marriage n now last month he cheated on me wid another girl..wil he cum bac to me...will I get married to him..plz tel me...I m totally devastated
  • renu on 16 September, 2013 11:45:01 AM
    I m renu born on 27.6.1985 at 5:25pm in agra....I love a boy...he is born on 1.11.1980 at 7.20pm in shivpuri.. is this is a good match or their is any dosh if there is any dosh then pls tell the remedies
    • ABC on 17 September, 2013 13:37:22 PM
      It's a good match with good greh matri, no nari dosha, no manglik dosha......18.5 guna matching
  • Megha on 21 September, 2013 10:55:27 AM
    I am Megha, born on 08th May 1987 at 18:18PM in Delhi, and Guy is Nikhil born on 06th August 1986 at 6:50 AM.Is this a good match, if there's any dosha then pls suggest remedies
  • ratnesh on 23 September, 2013 17:14:07 PM
    i m ratnesh pareek from mangalore india
    want to known about marriage & abroad job
    dob 24-11-1986
    time 09.30 am
    place kuchaman rajasthan
  • Das S on 07 October, 2013 02:26:54 AM
    My DOB:20/12/1981 8:10 AM Kolkata
    Bride's DOB: 01/11/1987 12:07 PM Kolkata

    Is there a "6/8 - Shadashtak" dosh?

    Though I find, mostly no questions are replied, still I am asking in expectation....Thanks and regards
  • raghavendra on 05 November, 2013 10:51:39 AM
    Please Help
    my email id is
    I have seen a profile of a girl for marriage
    I am 37 years old boy and into busniess,
    my dob 23/may/1976,
    tob 10.15am,
    place of birth bangalore
    mine is meena rashi and uttarabadrappa nakshata.

    She is 34 years old and a software engineer
    girls dob 1 / july / 1979
    place of birth bangalore.
    time of birth is given in kannada as 14 tasu and 45 minutes
    She is kanya raashi and uttarapulguni 1st pada nakshatra.

    i am getting

    Koota Name matching Maximum
    Varna 1 1
    Vasya 1 2
    Tara 2 3
    Yoni 4 4
    Grahamaitri 1 5
    Gana 6 6
    Bhakoota 7 7
    Nadi 8 8
    Total 30 36

    I am getting 30/36.however the below problems are there.
    please check and help me

    for girl kuja dosha is there as Mars is in 8th Place from Ascendent

    grahamaitri is not there as 0.5/5
    is there any remedy for grahamaitri dosha

    Mangalya thosam are not matching

    Mahendra Not satisfactory

    Thanks and Regards
  • VV Rao on 06 November, 2013 17:51:52 PM
    We found Nadi Dosha (Madhya) in kundali matching. Advise for remedy. We will pay the cost of the same.
  • menka on 06 December, 2013 01:27:28 AM
    Girls détails menka d.o.b. 01.05.1979,1.25 p.m.,bokaro steel city
    boy's détails sulabh kumar Arun,06.02.1979,8.10 a.m., araria (bihar).facing a lot of problems in my married life.
  • amit on 30 January, 2014 00:21:29 AM
    myself amit dob 24/10/1990,agra,time 22:10
    gal detail dob 11/04/1990,agra,tim
    e 00:25 score is 13/36 plz suggest thr remidy
  • poonam on 22 April, 2014 06:38:25 AM
    my dob is 31 march 1987 and boy is 14 sep 1986 we want to get marriage soon, please check is there any dosha if yes, than how to solve it
  • poonam on 22 April, 2014 06:38:29 AM
    my dob is 31 march 1987 and boy is 14 sep 1986 we want to get marriage soon, please check is there any dosha if yes, than how to solve it
  • Raghunadan on 22 April, 2014 09:09:04 AM
    Respected sir,

    My name is Raghunandan and I am unmarried my rashi is simha and magha nakshtra according to hindu calendar and I am in love with a women who is makara rashi and shravana nakshatra she is a divorcee having a child and we are facing shadashtaka dosha and we seeking solution for the problem please guide us, we have reached the stage of inseparable in relationship please help us to have a good conduct,
  • Raghunadan on 22 April, 2014 09:09:15 AM
    Respected sir,

    My name is Raghunandan and I am unmarried my rashi is simha and magha nakshtra according to hindu calendar and I am in love with a women who is makara rashi and shravana nakshatra she is a divorcee having a child and we are facing shadashtaka dosha and we seeking solution for the problem please guide us, we have reached the stage of inseparable in relationship please help us to have a good conduct,
  • nandini on 03 May, 2014 02:14:02 AM
    i borned at 18th feb 1990 at 7:20 am and my boy friend 4th jan 1988 at 11:30 pm.please suggest me our marriage is preferable .Is there any dosh??please reply me as soon as possible.we are in trouble..Help me
  • anurag singh on 20 July, 2014 04:49:30 AM
    REspected sir, my name is anurag singh and my date of birth is 11 january 1991 born and time is 11:52 am and date of birth is noida and i am kshatriya by caste. i seriously like a girl whose name is Pratiksha ojha and her date of birth is 6 april 1990 and time is 11:00 am and place of birth is gorakhpur. We both really love each other but thers seems to be some kind of dosha in our kundli which is due to our caste. Please suugest me some remedy.
  • srivalli on 01 September, 2014 14:50:29 PM
    Tell us implications n remedies ...pls ...pls Boy Details DoB : 25.4.1983 Time: 9.30 pm Pla: kaikalur Girl's Dtls DoB 25.3.1989 Tim: 8.36 am Pla :tadepalligudm?
  • poonguzhali on 14 November, 2014 09:02:40 AM
    Hi Sir, iam a non-mangalik girl can i marry mangalik boy.


    Name : Poonguzhali
    D.O.B: 31 dec 1992
    Time : 09.05 pm(21.05)
    Place : Chengalpattu,Tamil Nadu,India


    Name : Loganathan
    D.O.B: 06 Aug 1992
    Time ; 12.15 am(00.15)
    Place: Mannargudi,Tamil Nadu,India
  • shivangi on 07 December, 2014 07:34:59 AM name is shivangi my date of birth is 8/12/1992 born new delhi birth time -17:45 pm brhaman ( punjabi)
    and i really love a boy and he also loves me his name Rahul Dob- 30/12/1991 born- Amritsar ( punjabi) Birth time - 19:5 min 12 second ..but there is nadi dosh and bhakoot dosh in kundali ..pls tell me remedy of this .

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